Hey Funko Pop fans!

My name is John and I am a HUGE fan of all the Marvel characters! I discover new Marvel characters on a regular basis. My absolute childhood favourites are Spider-man, Iron Fist and Power Man a.k.a Luke Cage.

When I first saw the Funko Pop! Figures in a music store, I could not grasp why one would want a Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure until I saw my childhood hero MacGyver captured as one of the Pop! Vinyls. This is when I understood that you collect memories.

Now, when friends and family come over for a visit, they are always commenting on my small collection of Funko Pop! Figures. This usually sparks a conversation about favourite movie scenes, TV episodes and childhood memories.

From being confused as to the purpose of this Pop! Vinyl Figures to realizing that it is actually a great concept for collecting your favourite memories in the world of entertainment, I decided to start this website and share my vision. It is like sharing a memory of sorts. Within this site you will find details on your favourite movie, TV series, band or perhaps a game captured in the form of a Pop! Vinyl or moment!

Here is to happy memories!